August 17, 2021

High-ROI, Domain-Driven Machine Learning Solutions

What sets ElectrifAi apart from other vendors claiming to offer the same thing?

∙       Time-to-Value for faster, better, and cheaper solutions

∙       Less risk with proven results solving real business problems

∙       Leverage17 years of global deep domain and data expertise

∙       Minimal operations and maintenance

∙       Extensive library of machine learning models to scale across the enterprise

∙       Production scale models in key industries (BFSI, TMT)

∙       Deep expertise in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision

We provide pre-configured machine learning models for specific business use cases to reduce the time-to-value of data science implementations in your existing technology environment.

Technology Environment

ElectrifAi’s pre-built machine learning models prevent the need to compile your data science team, assemble your toolset, and spend months or years trying to create real business value from your data. Smoothly integrating within existing platforms, we fit seamlessly into your technology fabric.

The following gives a clear example of how our solutions can enhance the providers, systems, and applications you already use.


ElectrifAi has domain knowledge in a variety of industries. Our solutions have provided tangible and actionable results for the following sectors:

The following examples convey the top business initiatives and challenges for each industry on which ElectrifAi’s machine learning has delivered value. Our customers can rapidly apply these solutions to their own business needs even if they operate in a different industry:


•              Equipment maintenance

•              Increase crop production yields

•              New product development

•              Reduce costs

Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI)

•              Call center operations

•              Dirty data

•              Legacy/disparate systems

•              Underbanked customers (‘thin file’ demographic)

•              ‘Total experience’ - 360 customer experience


•              Checklist and projectrisk analysis

•              Predictive codeviolation detection

•              Workplace safety and security


•              Dispersed installments

•              Management and monitoring

•              Production reliability

•              Regulatory and legal exposure

•              Safety and security

•              Well viability

Healthcare Payer

•              Cost Projection

•              Error Identification

•              Fraud Detection

•              Medical Coding Relationships

•              Provider Clustering

•              Unreasonable Charge Detection

Healthcare Provider

•              Clinical care

•              Fraud detection

•              Hospital operations and admissions processing

•              Invoice and payment processing

•              Patient experience

•              Telehealth


•              Chatbots and virtual buying assistants

•              Customer segmentation

•              Demand forecasting

•              Offer personalization

•              Price optimization

•              Product recommendations


•              Customer churn

•              Customer service, 360o customer view

•              Demand forecasting

•              Marketing and sales

•              Network optimization and predictive maintenance

•              Supply chain optimization

Travel and Hospitality

•              Contract analysis

•              Customer satisfaction monitoring

•              Demand forecasting

•              Dynamic pricing

•              Predictive maintenance

•              Supply chain optimization

Business Functions

There are many use cases ElectrifAi is well-equipped to handle for any part of your business. Whether those use cases apply to the front office, middle office, or back office, we have you covered.

Front Office

The front office applies to services provided directly to customers. ElectrifAi provides many machine learning models that help create an incredible customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Middle Office

Middle office applies to jobs that touch both the front and back office. Typical role categories include accounting, operations, HR, and IT.

Back Office

Back office employees provide administration and support for their front-office colleagues and are not front-facing.


We don’t just say we can give you a great return on your investment. Our clients back up that claim from the results we provide.

“Regional Bank only staffs 2 data scientists. At my last company, we had 300. ElectrifAi's large library of pre-configured ML models makes this possible” – SVP DataAnalytics, Regional Bank
“Our first machine learning models took 15 months to complete, front and we had to change teams after the 10th month. With ElectrifAi, we cut that time down exponentially with more accurate results.” – Life Insurance Co.

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Does your company have a team of data scientists trying to build machine learning models to solve your business problems? Or maybe you’ve been exploring the possibility of implementing machine learning, but the expense of setting up a data science team is holding you back.

Perhaps you should consider an alternative option that can quickly deliver high-ROI, domain-driven machine learning solutions. ElectrifAi delivers pre-trained and pre-configured high-ROI machine learning solutions that require minimum customization. Whether you are thinking of applying machine learning to enhance your existing applications or to develop new differentiating and innovative systems, our applied machine learning solutions will help you.

We can also augment your internal data science team’s efforts and capabilities, helping your team bring even more value to your company.

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