March 19, 2020

AI & ML in Healthcare: #AskTheCEO With Ed Scott


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Edward Scott is the founder and CEO of ElectrifAi, a company that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning via their suite of products to drive profit improvement, increased performance, and risk reduction.

As part of this discussion, we shared how their partnership with Microsoft, their use of Azure, and the Azure Marketplace have empowered them to scale and grow their business.

Connect with Ed:
Web: ElectrifAi.net
Twitter: @electrifai
Microsoft partnership opportunities for healthcare partners: HealthcareIndExp@microsoft.com

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[00:48] Artificial Intelligence is very prevalent nowadays, especially in HealthCare, and providers are converting their data to digital format to leverage the benefits of the latest innovations in technology. What are the challenges health care providers face when trying to go digital?

[01:16] The principal challenge that providers and payers face is that their data is stored on many different systems.

[01:57] Essentially, the principal issue is the disparate disconnect of data across different systems.

[02:24] The second challenge providers face is that their data is frozen.

[03:09] How are we working towards finding a cure for Coronavirus?

[06:20] To leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in health care, you need to be able to access the data.

[06:32] How is ElectrifAi helping HealthCare providers through its Artificial Intelligence-based product set?

[06:32] How health care providers can leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to capture missed charges on their medical bills.

[08:40] With RevenueAI hospitals increase their billing to 6 times that of the cost of the product, within 6 months.

[09:45] How health care providers can improve their procurement process using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

[15:05] Disparate disconnected data is one of the biggest problems in digital health.

[17:08] How would a healthcare provider use your product with Azure?

[17:08] How can customers find out more about the ElectrifAi product set, and procure it through the Azure Marketplace?

Ed: You can access our product set via one of the following links:

[18:26] How has partnering with Microsoft helped ElectrifAi scale and grow your business?

[19:13] How do people connect with you?

Ed: You can visit our website at ElectrifAi.net. You can also follow us on Twitter at @electrifai.

[19:30] How can people find out more about Microsoft partnership opportunities for healthcare partners?

Ed: For more information, you can send an email to HealthcareIndExp@microsoft.com.

[20:00] Do you have any parting words of wisdom that you’d like to share with the audience?