July 23, 2020

Partner with ElectrifAi for Award-Winning Smart Charge Capture Solutions

Missed charges do not have to be unavoidable and unidentifiable –there are opportunities to reclaim revenue.

RevCaptureAi is a smart Charge Capture solution that works with your RCM solution to drive additional billing accuracy across your entire organization. Combat the limitations of your traditional Charge Capture functions with the dynamic power of artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (ML) that identifies, analyzes and tracks your missed charges through to collection.

By partnering with ElectrifAi, a large healthcare system with over $4 billion in net revenue recently won a prestigious award for high performance in revenue cycle. Collaborating with the healthcare system’s Revenue Integrity team, ElectrifAi implemented RevCaptureAi to streamline the charge reconciliation process and identify potential areas of opportunity.

What was the total impact?

  • $10M+ in annual net revenue impact
  • 100% of outpatient accounts analyzed through automated pre-bill and post-bill process
  • Identified top departments/areas with systemic gaps in charge capture, such as injection/infusions, EKG, surgery, implants, and medical devices

In a billion-dollar health system, just 1% of missed total charges adds up to $10 million in lost revenue. Don’t let that 1% put you in the red and increase the chance of going bankrupt. Contact ElectrifAi to get the solutions you need to cut costs and increase revenue.

You have data, we have solutions!

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