Apr 28

SIG Webinar: How Practical AI and ML Can Optimize Procurement Spend When Disruptions Occur

Learn how AI can help procurement respond to black swan events and other interruptions.

Procurement professionals face unprecedented demands for speed, accuracy, and effective spending when supply chain and other business disruptions occur. Rising to this challenge requires them to not only have access to real-time information but put it in the right context for resource optimization risk mitigation.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide opportunities for cutting through the noise and identifying the best data for sourcing, procurement and vendor management (SPVM) to generate cost savings and improve efficiency.

Join ElectrifAi’s Michael Fox for a 60-minute presentation in partnership with SIG on the need for agility and flexibility in sourcing, and how a digital transformation is helping companies respond beyond today’s immediate threats.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

✔  How to transform raw spend and contract data into actionable insight

✔  AI and ML capabilities that improve productivity and drive cost-reduction

✔  How to plan for a successful model implementation to further mitigates risk

✔  Practical ways businesses benefit when using AI to accelerating business objectives

✔  How expanding shared supplier networks generates trust up and down stream

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