Amazon Web Services

AWS and ElectrifAi result in business success. Don’t build machine learning, buy it on Amazon SageMaker Marketplace.
About the collaboration

ElectrifAi + AWS

Amazon SageMaker AI/ML capabilities fit seamlessly into the
AWS ecosystem.

• Amazon SageMaker has great functionality and is easy to use

• Excellent support team and documentation

• Purpose-built tools for every step of ML development

• Secure your data and code throughout the ML lifecycle

ElectrifAi’s pre-built and pre-structured ML models on Amazon SageMaker provide clients:

• Proven results for real business problems

• Models quickly deployed for quick time-to-value

• Trusted partner for enhanced data security

• Provide customers with faster ML adoption

Use Cases

Use Cases That Make Us Different

Customer Experience
Demand Forecasting
Industry-Focused Use Cases
Pricing Optimization
Spend and Contract Management
Case Study

Wireless Provider Revenue

Wireless Provider Revenue

Incremental Annual Revenues

$70M through incremental lines added

$50M in incremental revenue through rate plan / feature upgrade campaigns

$10M from churn saves