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Improve healthcare revenue cycle integrity in 8 weeks with 8X ROI

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RevCaptureAi, an ML-based solution, to identify, predict and capture missed charges, boosting revenue cycle integrity

Realize missed revenues in weeks. Predict and capture claims accurately in the first pass using ML
Revenue excellence through self-learning ML gets better with user interaction and more data over time
Operational excellence  through targeted changes to operations with new insights not available before
Easy to deploy
on-premise or hosted as a service with support for any leading EHR, EMR
Results in 6-8 weeks with support for a wide range of data types and no data science team dependency
Every dollar invested in the solution typically yields 8X in returns

How is RevCaptureAi different

Rules-Based IT Solutions
  • Rule-based systems don’t learn.
  • Need to keep rules updated, tested and deployed. Expensive and painful
  • Inability to look at data in multiple dimensions
  • Hard to customize or upgrade and takes several months to update machine learning
ElectrifAi  |  RevCaptureAi
  • ML based approach with self learning continues to get better with more user interaction and data
  • Common object model for normalization of data from any system
  • Compose new systems without rearchitecting your current solutions
  • Enrich and improve, scattered, incomplete data with ease
  • Ready to use ML based solution available on-premise or as-a-service
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