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Struggling to Group Your Vendors Quickly and Effectively?

Upload 100-200 vendors and let us group them with SpendAi absolutely free in as little as 24 hours! No matter the size or complexity of your vendor data, SpendAi can categorize them and reveal hidden insights to help you save money.

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Here’s what you’ll discover through this engagement:
What is SpendAi?
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the SpendAi product and its features.
Vendor Negotiating Leverage
Discover how, through Normalization, you can create opportunities to negotiate volume discounts and more favorable terms.
Industry-Specific Taxonomy
Learn how to organize data into meaningful structures and customize taxonomy to match business-specific needs.
Automated Spend Categorization
Explore how to automatically classify data with speed and accuracy, improving strategic sourcing, cost reduction, and efficiency.
Actionable Savings Insights
Find out how SpendAi automatically recommends new actionable savings, and continues to get better over time with more data.
Risk Identification
Learn how actionable recommendations give you a better position to de-risk your challenges from supplier over-dependence.
Questions and Answers
Got any questions or concerns on SpendAi? Our SMEs will be more than happy to address them.

Slash costs with increased negotiating leverage using Unique Vendor Identification

Visualize and optimize spend with over 98% automatic spend categorization

Generate spend savings and supplier risk insights automatically from your data

Person standing and showing spend's value proposition over graphs and charts

Value Proposition

  • Slash cost with increased negotiating leverage
  • Visualize and optimize with 98% spend categorization
  • Streamline with industry-specific taxonomy
  • Generate spend savings and supplier risk insights
  • Mitigate supplier risk proactively
  • Zero need to spend on product consultants