Case Study

Wireless Provider Revenue


The Challenge


While they had plenty of disparate customer data overall, they held no actual knowledge of personas, needs or trigger points. Their teams worked on rule base customer segmentation and targeting with no real measured impact for campaigns, as well as multiple teams reaching out to customers with different messages.


The Solution

ElectrifAi deployed and scaled an Ai driven solution to 70+ million subscribers within 6 months. To begin, we established a new analytics workflow that prepared and transformed data, as an automated process for longitudinal views of customers, including Customer Demographics, Account Information, Device Information, Equipment Installment Plans, Customer Care Memo Logs, Payments and Usage.

We also enabled data driven customer segmentation, insights into customer needs and predictive insights on the campaign pipeline. Our model used advanced ML to predict and optimize the following:

Residual Lifetime Value

Network/Coverage Experience and Satisfaction

Aspirational Value and Headroom

Propensity to churn

Propensity to add additional lines

Propensity to upgrade to a new device

Propensity to add a feature

Propensity to upgrade to a new rate plan


The Value

Wireless Provider Revenue

Incremental Annual Revenues

$70M through incremental lines added

$50M in incremental revenue through rate plan / feature upgrade campaigns

$10M from churn saves

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