January 19, 2021

Do More with Innovative Computer Vision Use Cases

ElectrifAi is on a mission to make machine learning more accessible by making machine learning available on Amazon SageMaker (AWS Marketplace). Why hire teams of data scientists when you can get pre-built, business-ready machine learning with ElectrifAi.

ElectrifAi machine learning models help to reduce cost and improve business performance without the need to custom-build your own models from scratch. With the largest library of machine learning models in the world, seamless integration with existing workflows provides fast and proven results.

The exciting news we recently shared, ElectrifAi Announces Expansion of Machine Learning Model Offerings for Amazon SageMaker, celebrates 58 machine learning models from this library for sale through AWS Marketplace.

Machine learning is becoming even more impressive, and ElectrifAi is at the forefront of this amazing and innovative technology. Now offered on AWS are a collection of never-before-seen Computer Vision use cases that can be used anywhere in the world, even in remote places.

Computer Vision is a scientific field that enables computers to use high-level understanding from digital images or videos. Using the images or video footage, the computer seeks to understand and automate tasks that humans can do on a much larger and faster scale. The computer identifies and classifies objects in the image or video. Machine learning then helps the computer intelligently react to that information by continually learning what objects are the most important.

The collection of Computer Vision use cases ElectrifAi has created goes beyond the normal range of Computer Vision abilities yet seen. The intelligence can work in the camera itself and provide analysis without having to travel back to a data center to be analyzed. This helps to reduce latency and quality issues and makes the analysis much faster, enabling quick decisions when the object crosses the path of the camera.

More use cases involve perimeter control to limit the number of people accessing a building or area, a smart body camera for law enforcement, field-ready image-based skin condition identification, enhancing workplace safety, identifying a specific person in a crowd, ensuring animal and caretaker wellbeing on a farm, and much more!

ElectrifAi is always creating new and exciting technology. This is just the beginning of what we have to offer. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your company!