December 9, 2021

ElectrifAi Exhibited at AWS re:Invent 2021: Event Recap

AWS re:Invent was hosted in Las Vegas on November 29 – December 3, 2021. After two years of attending virtual events, it was great to be able to meet with people in person! Over 20,000 attendees walked through the conference to visit with the exhibiting companies and attend educational sessions while half a million more attended virtually.  

One of the biggest shows for the big data and cloud market, AWS re:Invent was an exciting event where our team learned a lot in the keynotes and breakout sessions as well as talking with people interested in what ElectrifAi offers.  

“Machine learning is one of the disruptive technologies of our time and is enabling business transformation across industries. I consider Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) in particular to be a game changer for tier 2 and tier 3 companies as it accelerates their artificial intelligence and machine learning (Ai/ML) journey while reducing time to value and risks associated with data science projects,” said Myriam Ibrahim, ElectrifAi Technical Solutions Architect. “From day 1, it was evident ElectrifAi has synergy with AWS, and we thrive for the same goal – democratizing machine learning and making it accessible to companies from different sizes and at different levels in their Ai/ML journey.”  

Day 1 certainly did start off with a bang as Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon.com, gave a keynote speech that went behind the scenes to show how Amazon is solving complex technology problems. With hundreds of breakout sessions to attend, selecting a topic that aligned with your interests was no problem. We particularly enjoyed the leadership sessions and sessions regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

The AWS Marketplace sessions were also useful for us as ElectrifAi offers pre-built machine learning models through this marketplace. We are always searching for new ways to make our products even more accessible for our clients.  

From the message we heard from clients during the event, it is evident that our MLaaS offering, also available on the AWS Marketplace, is an enabler and accelerator for companies to tap into their data and gain actionable insights with minimal risk. AWS is focusing on accelerating innovation in the Ai/ML domain, and this certainly benefits ElectrifAi and our clients.

“Over and over at the event, companies were saying they need last mile Ai and machine learning products. Clients and senior executives are openly talking about the “What do we do now?” moment. Our vision has been correct. The world doesn’t need another cloud, platform, or tool company. What clients need now are products. And that’s exactly what we provide,” said Edward Scott, ElectrifAi CEO. “ElectrifAi offers clients intelligent products that drive business outcomes. We quickly turn your data into a strategic weapon to drive revenue as well as reduce cost and risk. With our large library of pre-built machine learning models, we can get you faster, better, and cheaper results in weeks, not months.”

Ai/ML is no longer a hype and has been proven to deliver value, especially during unprecedented times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies that shared their experiences with us empathized not only the value gained but how fast they were able to deploy the products and significantly reduce time to value. ElectrifAi’s experience and approach positions us to be a strategic partner with companies that are exploring possibilities across their business functions. Based on conversations with attendees and those who stopped by the ElectrifAi booth, there is a need to educate people on machine learning and how MLaaS can help.

“I thought the event went very well! After talking with many people at our booth, the message seemed clear, that we have something a lot of people are looking for,” said Jim Marten, ElectrifAi Solutions Architect. “Specifically, there were a lot of people at the booth who were consultants doing more things on the technical side for their clients and they were very excited about our MLaaS product. The ability to almost plug and play machine learning models was very intriguing to them. A lot of their comments were along the lines of “I’m looking for someone to do that for my clients.” My favorite moment of the show was just getting a chance to meet everyone from our team in person. After working remote for so long, it was great to actually meet and spend time with the people I’ve been working with.”

We found that computer vision will play more and more a key role in different areas across industries, especially in predictive maintenance, compliance, safety, increased throughput, reduction in labor costs, and more. Our collection of computer vision use cases goes beyond the normal range of computer vision abilities yet seen. For example, in the Oil and Gas industry, computer vision plays a vital role helping prevent injuries, keeping rigs and production facilities running smoothly, and monitoring critical infrastructure to prevent wear and tear that lead to costly equipment failure.  

Spend and cost reduction is also something companies remain very focused on. Wringing out costs is much easier with our machine learning products. Our SpendAi product is a very useful tool that empowers smarter, more efficient, and profitable procurement processes and decision making. This management product ingests, organizes, and analyzes your spend data to generate significant opportunities for cost savings in a remarkably short amount of time.  

If you missed us at AWS re:Invent and wish to learn more about how our pre-built machine learning models can accelerate your time to value, reach out to us today for a custom demo!

Take a look at the pictures below that demonstrate what an exciting event this was!