Dec 10

Webinar: Reinventing ROI with Artificial Intelligence

Discover how machine learning and AI in ElectrifiAI's SpendAi product delivers dramatic speed to value and unmatched user configurability.

About this Event

During this pandemic, the number one goal has been keeping supply chains going - not return on investment.

Procurement generally involves making buying decisions under conditions of scarcity.

In the meantime, costing, contract terms, and pricing to move goods is adding to a higher and higher expense to do basic business. Not to mention the expense of maintaining social distancing or prevent face to face transactions to prevent higher numbers of infection. So scarcity now includes employees to do the job, sourcing goods, and understanding contracts that control your profits.

What if Artificial Intelligence could be your key to a return on investment?

Determine what contracts are costing you the most money, how you can negotiate better terms, or save in penalties around termination. A.I. can translate raw contract data into detailed insights - exposing hidden risks and opportunities. By reading and understanding inaccessible and complex contractual language and clauses, Artificial Intelligence could grant you full contract visibility with unprecedented accuracy—empowering you to take action in the most business-critical moments.

Then allow procurement professionals to delve deep into your company's spending to identify patterns and trends. Then generate risk and opportunity insights around varying scenarios that enable effective decisions.

Join us on Thursday, December 10th at 2 PM (Eastern) with hosts Qualex Consulting Services, and ElectrifAi as they discuss: Reinventing ROI Using Artificial Intelligence

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