May 12

SIG Procurement Technology Summit

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JOIN THE DIGITAL ADVENTURE! Hundreds of procurement executives, experts and thought leaders from across the world are coming together to experience the world's largest digital industry event. The SIG Procurement Technology Summit will be a digital state-of-the-art experience that immerses you in the industry trends, innovations and solutions that are shaping high-performance teams and best-in-class procurement organizations.

This fully digital experience will take place over a series of days featuring keynote and breakout sessions with live Q&A, on-demand access to all sessions, as well as solution demos that will show you how various technologies can enhance quality of work and ignite innovation. Solution demos will also include commentary from Spend Matters and their analysts to allow us to delve deep into their solutions.

Procurement Solved: Tap into the Power of AI and FastTrack Your Procurement Goals

Join this solution experience to learn how our ProcurementAi solution fuses enterprise-class technology with ElectrifAi's proprietary tools to empower smarter, streamlined, and more profitable procurement processes. Delegates will see how ProcurementAi unlocks visibility into spend and contract data and generates unique, cost-saving insights at unmatched speed. ProcurementAi links what should have happened with what happened so that you can get actionable insights and identify opportunities around cost savings, risk reductions, and process improvement.

ProcurementAi does this by combining all your Spend and Contract data. And then applying advanced ML to normalized and classified your spend and contract data. We will walk the audience through a scenario where a CPO or a category manager gets an insight into all their spend and identify cost savings around supplier leverage and who they can identify risk. We will also show how they can gain visibility across all their contract and identify opportunities for savings around, among other things working capital and volume rebate.

You have data, we have solutions!

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