Sonia Cheng

Chief Executive Officer, Rosewood Hotel Group

A visionary CEO at Rosewood Hotel Group, renowned for her exemplary leadership and dedication to redefining luxury hospitality experiences.


Sonia Cheng, a dynamic and accomplished business leader, has charted an extraordinary path in the world of hospitality and real estate. As the visionary CEO of Rosewood Hotel Group, she has spearheaded the brand's global expansion, redefining luxury and crafting unforgettable experiences for discerning travelers. With her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, Sonia has propelled Rosewood to new heights of success, garnering international acclaim and setting industry benchmarks.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sonia actively champions social responsibility initiatives, empowering communities and driving positive change. Her remarkable achievements, coupled with her passion for innovation and dedication to making a lasting impact, position her as a role model for aspiring women leaders in the dynamic landscape of business and hospitality.

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