November 24, 2021

ElectrifAi Exhibited Machine Learning Models at ADIPEC: Event Recap

ADIPEC was hosted in Abu Dhabi on November 15 – 18, 2021. There were over 2,000 exhibiting companies from 26 countries and over 100,000 attendees! ADIPEC presents an opportunity for companies to connect with Oil and Gas professionals from around the globe. From keynotes, roundtables, and presentations, there were many opportunities to discuss the services, products, and Products that are leading the way to enhance business performance and increase efficiencies. 

Within the Digitalization in Energy zone, we exhibited how our pre-structured machine learning and computer vision models are helping the Oil, Gas and Energy industries. We met with many companies interested in how our products can help their businesses grow.

In the Oil, Gas and Energy industries, nothing is more important than safety. Our machine learning models can prevent human error in this high-risk environment, helping to reduce accidents, loss of life, and production stoppages. Our computer vision models play a large role in this, keeping rigs and production facilities running smoothly by alerting operators to potentially dangerous situations and remediating issues before an accident can occur. 

Computer vision can also play an essential role in monitoring valve banks and other critical infrastructure for human error as well as wear and tear leading to equipment failure. Not only does computer vision help to protect from production stoppages, but also ancillary costs that can be avoided such as litigation, regulatory fines, and increases in liability insurance coverage. 

We discussed all this and more with the event attendees. We are making it possible for every company, no matter the size, to easily achieve the benefits of computer vision and machine learning with a very high return on their investment. Through data-driven business decisions, we’re helping Oil, Gas and Energy companies around the globe grow and become more competitive. 

Here is a recap of the event:

Day 1 was an exciting kickoff day. The inaugural message from H. E. Dr. Sultan Al Jaber set the tone for the event. He stated, “It is time to wake up. The Oil and Gas industry will have to invest over $600 billion every year until 2030 just to keep up with expected demand.” 

Over the next few days, we attended many informative technical sessions such as the following: 

Ai Assisted Drilling and Field Operation 

  • Discussed the future of drilling automation and intelligence. Our machine learning products are very applicable for this use case and can help to increase drilling efficiencies and safety. 

Leveraging Technology to Achieve Optimum Solutions in Downstream Project Management

  • Discussed project management challenges in capital projects and how AWS approaches digital innovation 

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Hybrid Intelligent Systems

  • Discussed automated monitoring and alerting of micro-seismic events at an existing 20-year-old production field

AWS Downstream Energy Products

  • Discussed energy challenges and how AWS is solving operational problems

Computer Vision and NLP

  • Discussed computer vision model development and results based on a vision detection transformer model for historical and gas document layout analysis

When we weren’t learning about exciting new technologies, we were very pleased to meet with interesting and impressive professionals throughout the event. Below are a few pictures of our new acquaintances who are excited to begin achieving more for their business with our advanced machine learning models. 

Did you miss us at ADIPEC? It’s possible for you to achieve more for your business by leveraging the data you already have.

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